Standard Configurations

Servers with robust hardware and standardized environmental settings come under this classification. These servers are deployed for shared hosting, web applications that are developed using standard platforms such as php, perl etc. Spike in traffic or user base is very occasional. The OS are chosen to deliver the highest levels of reliability and value, coupling the innovation and the stability of a true enterprise-class platform.

Hardware Testing

Hardware and Software tested for more than 170 hrs in actual conditions. Hardware and Software Testing in a server is very important as nearly 70 % of the issues that might arise in a production environment later on can be detected much in advance if the testing is conducted before commissioning the server. Key components tests conducted are memory, CPU, RAID, firewall, disk integrity, vital CPU parts.

Server Shield

Robust DOS shields prevent our networks from Denial Of Service Attacks. All our servers are installed with ON ACCESS & ON DEMAND virus scanners. The systems are regularly updated with Software updates. Server Shield, industry’s most comphrehsive intrusion detection and prevention shield works in tandem with our DOS shields. Server Servers comes with pre-installed security components which makes it more secure and stable.

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